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July 2017

Dear Franchising Project- Partner,


you are interested in Franchising one of  the biggest temporary staffing market..- the EU.


What is the idea and goal of franchising?

A lot of agencies in all countries trying to join the market. Most oft he time they miss the order because too less people or clients. Our idea is to benefit in each country from the community. The network allows to get clients and to recruit staff for all eurpoean countries. As a big network we open the client requests with needed skills for all networkers. In all countries at same times the partners recruit the most excellent applications for the client. It doenst care where the staff is from- only the skills and speed of recruiting deciding the goal. For all single agencies the clients are difficult to support. As a network no problem. And the best: all sides are winning. The recruiter-agency, the client-support-agency and the most important: the client.


Why Franchising?

Our thinking will be your thinking. If it is your own company you are willing and able to create your success. You are not a developer- you are self-made.


How about the costs?

Your founding capital inclusive using the brand name and formulars, first clients for beginners, all support around recruiting is 10.000,- Euro. You will get a new founded company in your choosen country incl. tribal for the company, normed formulars, latest requests of clients around Europe and the chance to recruit staff for Europe.


I want to do it. How does it work?

After your decision to open an agency in your country you get in touch with us in Germany. After a short ( 30 min interview ) in ENGLISH, GERMAN or RUSSIAN ( with translator ) by skype. In case of positive decision of both sides you will get the franchising contract in English. From now you have one week to read and confirm the contract and to set an appointment with us in Germany. In this meeting the contracts will be signed after your last questions. After signing contract you have one week more to pay signing fee, set an appointment with a lawyer to create the company as an owner. After that justicial staff you are able to start your business with the other agencies. From this day you get requets from European companies and applications from Europe for your clients. Please notice that due to different country laws the start can be delayed because of missing documents. Your entry will be latest news online.


What is my benefit?

You are benefitting in all personell involved recruiting process with your clients  by % incl. latest news and experiences. Balance sheets of  the main company Germany and reports of all Online-IT linkedin, facebook, xing, Twitter, a.o., trainings and workshops.


If you are interested, dont hesitate to contact us.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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